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"Mastering Makeup: A Guide to Using Countour Bronze Stick and Powder for Face Definition"

Lóa Contour Bronzer Stick or Powder are crucial for face definition. Use this easy-to-apply stick to redefine the contours of your face like a professional makeup artist. Simply apply along the hollows of your cheeks, temples, jawline and forehead to create dimension and shape. Achieving that ‘bronzed goddess’ look is not that hard if you use the right products.

   The bronze shade adds warmth to your complexion, while the contouring helps you look sculpted.

Step1: You need a contour brush set

This is crucial for blending out and carving those sharp lines. These brushes can be use with powder or cream.

 Step 2: Make sure you have the right lighting when applying your contour

It is very important to make sure you are not overdoing or going too heavy on the contour. Also a great quality mirror it is also important. There are mirrors which feature daylight LEDs, these are perfect not only to apply makeup but also the contour bronzer.

Step 3: Time to choose your contour bronzer pigments

There are so many contour bronzer products on the market right now selecting your right pigment can be overwhelming, Lóa offers three different contour shades that are commonly used nowadays.

Start with something simple, like a matte powder contour, slowly build up color in the areas you want to add definition. This type of contour is perfect for the daytime, not too heavy.

After you feel comfortable with your contour definition, it is time to add more dimension or a heavier contour shadow, mix powder with cream contour, adding more of the powder at the end.

After you are done mapping your face, it is time to add a light concealer to brightening the areas you want to bring forward. Follow with the color makeup you want to finish your fabulous loo.

Examples how to add contour depending on the shape of your face:


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